Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Texas Correctional Employees Union Files Overtime Complaint for Lieutentants

Dallas, Texas - Today the AFSCME Texas Correctional Employees Union filed a complaint against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with the United States Department of Labor for lost wages and overtime pay for Lieutenants of Correctional Officers in the agency.

In a complaint to the US Department of Labor, the union states, "currently the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is classifying lieutenants as exempt employees, while their actual work duties should be classified under the status of a nonexempt employee."  

The union is currently seeking lost wages and future changes in the exemption status of lieutenants.  The union estimates the agency may owe lieutenants an average over $10,000 in lost wages and some lieutenants may be owed over $20,000 in lost wages.  All TDCJ lieutenants are urged to join in a group action against the agency by contacting the union at 936-295-5265.  

Click Here to View Complaint


  1. What about capts majors who were once Lts before promotion. All Lts and up should be on this complaint.

  2. Does anyone know where this stands?

  3. Is this still being pursued?