Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TDCJ Pay Raise Announced 8%

May 20, 2015

Austin, Texas - Tonight the Texas Legislature Conference Committee approved an 8% pay raise for all TDCJ Correctional Officers and Parole Officers.  This pay increase would be effective on September 1, 2015 if approved by the full House, Senate, and Governor.

The $188,000,218 fiscal pay and benefit increase in the General Appropriations Bill will go to the Texas House and the Texas Senate for approval this next week.  The committee's recommendation will most likely be approved by the full legislature.

Currently the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is over 3,700 correctional officers short statewide.  AFSCME Texas Correctional Employees asked for the state legislature to bring state correctional officers up to a competitive salary compatible with the five largest Texas County correctional departments.
Lance Lowry President of the Huntsville AFSCME Texas Correctional Employees stated "the pay raise is the largest seen and is a move in the right direction to address staffing issues.  The union's members have fought hard and need to stay organized in the future to address salary shortfall issues.  Organized employees are able to address salary issues, unlike many unorganized public employees who were over looked this session."

Projected Pay Increase in for September 1, 2015
CO II$2,577.64$2,783.85
CO III$2,727.95$2,946.19
CO III$2,883.34$3,114.01
CO IV$2,966.82$3,204.17
CO IV$3,052.28$3,296.46
CO IV$3,144.33$3,396.42
CO V$3,240.70$3,499.96

See listing of fiscal approved item in the Legislative Budget Board Report:


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