Thursday, April 3, 2014

TDCJ Officers Stabbed At Allred, Unit remains Locked Down

By Lance Lowry

Iowa Park, TX - As of yesterday the Allred Prison remains under lockdown this afternoon.  Two correctional officers were reportedly stabbed by multiple inmates.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Allred Unit is a 2250 Michael's prototype style facility near Wichita Falls, which includes a high security expansion cellblock.  The facility can house up to 3,722 inmates.

Prison officials say that incident happened around 4 PM Tuesday afternoon.

Reports from local media in Wichita Falls state an eight year veteran sergeant monitoring a doorway area was attacked by a group of  offenders with shanks.  The unnamed sergeant received 15 stab wounds to the front and back area of his body, including to his head.

When backup arrived to assist the sergeant and on of the assisting officers was stabbed in the abdomen.  The assisting officer was treated for his injuries on the scene and released.

The sergeant was taken by ambulance to United Regiona Hospital in Wichita Falls where he was treated and released after receiving multiple stitches.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Office of the Inspector General is investigating this aggravated assault on a public servant and the inmates involved could receive additional free-world charges for their assault on the two officers. 


  1. Good he was probably an asshole

    1. And you are probably a former offender with no life but prison

  2. I was there when it happened. Murphy didn't deserve it but they should have killed sgt Bria! Too bad he lived